KW 5: New Amazon CEO is crypto-curious, Swiss blockchain law is taking shape, Microsoft uses blockchain technology to purchase soil carbon credits in Australia


New Amazon CEO is crypto-curious: Jeff Bezos will be stepping back as CEO of Amazon, the company he built from a business in his garage to worldwide behemoth. As he takes on the role of executive chairman, his replacement will be none other than Amazon Web Services CEO Andy Jassy — who oversaw Amazon’s crypto product offerings. The crypto world’s attention now turns to Jassy’s history when it comes to embracing blockchain technology, as it could be an indication of the long-term crypto strategy of the world’s third-most valuable company by market capitalization.,

Swiss blockchain law is taking shape: As one of the first nations in the world, Switzerland is currently beginning to convert digital assets into national law. At the beginning of the month, the first phase of the so-called Blockchain Act was implemented, which provides for reforms of company law, among other things. Further amendments will follow. The Swiss Confederation passed the Blockchain Act 2020 without objection from the House of Representatives. The Swiss Blockchain Association welcomed this. „From next year Switzerland will have a legal framework that is one of the most progressive in the world,“ said President Heinz Tännler.

Düsseldorf blockchain startup secures 1 million euros in seed financing: The Düsseldorf blockchain startup Retraced was able to secure 1 million euros from Spanish venture capitalist Samaipata. The money will be used to further develop the platform and acquire new customers. The company, founded in 2019, enables fashion companies to track their supply chains via blockchain. This could be of increasing importance, especially against the backdrop of a supply chain law that is called for again and again to make the manufacturing and delivery processes of products transparent.

Blockchain at AWS: Amazon’s cloud computing provider Amazon Web Services (AWS) announced support for the blockchain framework Ethereum as a preview version at its “re: Invent 2020” conference, which now complements the Hyperledger offering. In addition, support for Hyperledger 1.4 was made possible, which enables customers to create private data collections (PDCs). With “Amazon Managed Blockchain”, AWS customers receive a fully managed service that is intended to make it easier for them to start with blockchain technology.

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The second largest cryptocurrency, Ether, has reached its record high: on Bitfinex, the price rose to $1,576. This is the highest price Ether has ever reached. Bitcoin was also hovering above $35,000.,


Microsoft uses blockchain technology to purchase soil carbon credits in Australia: Microsoft has employed blockchain technology to purchase soil carbon credits in Australia. In combination with Regen Network — built on the Cosmos blockchain — the CarbonPlus Grassland credits were initially issued to two ranches in New South Wales. The carbon credits are used as a measure of soil sequestration, which is the process of capturing atmospheric carbon dioxide and storing it in soil. This is achieved through Regen Network’s remote sensing technology and is also said to help monitor animal welfare, soil health and general ecosystem health.

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Which stocks could benefit from the Bitcoin boom: Investors who want to profit from the hype surrounding Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies without investing directly in them could speculate on stocks that are active in the blockchain sector. In the long term, companies that build a well-founded and functioning business model around blockchain technology could benefit in particular. As early as 2023, the technology could generate four billion dollars in sales in the retail segment alone, and the trend is rising. Because the technology has great potential, especially in smart contracting or supply chain tracing. Investing in global players like Alibaba or Walmart could therefore be worthwhile. The same applies to shares in hardware manufacturers such as BMI, Nvidia or AMD. – Miners will also and especially in the future need powerful computers. However, there is one thing that Bitcoin and share trading have in common: It remains a risky speculative business.


„I suspect Bitcoin’s greatest risk is to be successful because if it is, the government will try to kill it and they have a lot of power to succeed.“
Ray Dalio, CEO of the Bridgewater Associates hedge fund, speaks out in favor of Bitcoin and sees only government action as a threat to the development of the cryptocurrency.


Starling Foundation builds archive of testimonies from Shoah survivors on Filecoin: The Starling Framework is a distributed storage solution built on Filecoin. Spearheaded by the USC Shoah Foundation, the world’s largest archive of testimony on the Holocaust and other genocides, and Stanford’s Department of Electrical Engineering, the driving force behind Starling is Jonathan Dotan, who holds fellowships with both USC Shoah Foundation and Stanford University. Dotan’s first undertaking is to permanently and immutably catalog the atrocities of genocides, including the Holocaust, the Armenian Genocide, and the Rohingya crisis, by building a tamper-proof ledger of survivor testimonies.

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