KW 48: Bitcoin achieved its highest price since January 2018, Ethereum 2.0 is coming, PayPal massively invests in Bitcoin


Bitcoin achieved its highest price since January 2018: The value of Bitcoin recently rose so much that it was only a few hundred euros away from its all-time high. Bitcoin peaked in 2017 at 19,666 dollars. Since the low in March, the cryptocurrency has been catching up with a 75 percent increase in value. The reason for the high is the announcement by payment service provider PayPal that it will allow its customers to pay with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in the future. In addition to Bitcoin, some other cryptocurrencies also appreciated in value. Ethereum has grown by 30 percent in the past few days. The currency XRP / Ripple even gained 90 percent.,

Avaloq offers a new crypto tool for banks: With the Crypto Asset Module, the software company Avaloq has developed a new tool that should make it easier for banks and asset managers to manage crypto currencies. The solution also offers the ability to buy and sell digital currencies. The module was developed together with the security provider Metaco.

Ethereum 2.0 is coming: The cryptocurrency Ethereum is about to get its biggest update ever. Ethereum 2.0 will, among other things, bring about the switch from the proof-of-work process to the more efficient proof-of-stake process, which will reduce the energy consumption for mining the cryptocurrency. In the future, the transaction capacity will also be greatly increased. The first phase of the changeover begins on December 2nd. Then the new proof-of-stake blockchain will be created, which runs parallel to the Ethereum blockchain. The changeover should be completed by the end of 2021 at the latest.

Bayer and BlockApps launch platform for tracking supply chains: The pharmaceutical giant Bayer, in cooperation with the provider BlockApps, has created a new platform called the “TraceHarvest Network”, which will enable the tracking of agricultural supply chains. Kieren James-Lubin, President and CEO of BlockApps, believes the platform could set new, formative standards. Bayer and BlockApps have been working together for a long time to track supply chains.

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China Construction Bank has decided to pull a 3 billion dollar digital bond program on a blockchain platform, getting cold feet on the eve of a market breakthrough, amid a clampdown on technology companies and their financial innovations.


PayPal massively invests in Bitcoin: Paypal bought up to 70% of all the newly mined bitcoin since the payments giant started offering cryptocurrency services four weeks ago, according to estimates by hedge fund manager Pantera Capital. Together with Square’s Cash App, the two companies are buying more than 100% of all newly issued virgin bitcoin (BTC), Pantera Capital said in a report. Demand for Paypal’s crypto service, which runs on Paxos fiat-to-crypto exchange, Itbit, had hit the roof. The exchange was doing a fairly constant amount of trading volume – but when Paypal went live, volume started exploding, the report observed.

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How blockchain could be used for digital identity: Blockchain technology is not just used to develop cryptocurrencies, it can also be used to identify people or machines in digital networks. For today’s digital identity, the conventional method is logging into a portal. The login data is usually stored in a central data record of the company. In contrast, there is the so-called sovereign identity. With it, each user can decide which relevant information they would like to disclose on the Internet. The blockchain enables such a solution. It is considered to be the cornerstone of the decentralized, sovereign identity in which the sovereignty of the data lies with the user.


„The draft is considered to be trend-setting. The equality of electronic and document-based securities is very commendable.“
Patrick Karb, Managing Director of the private bank Hauck & Aufhäuser, on the German draft law on electronic securities.


Former Microsoft software engineer sentenced to nine years in prison: A former Microsoft software engineer was sentenced in US District Court in Seattle to nine years in prison for 18 federal felonies related to his scheme to defraud Microsoft of more than 10 million dollars. The former Microsoft employee was convicted of five counts of wire fraud, six counts of money laundering, two counts of aggravated identity theft, two counts of filing false tax returns, and one count each of mail fraud, access device fraud, and access to a protected computer in furtherance of fraud. The software engineer had attempted to mask digital evidence that would trace the fraud back to him. He used a bitcoin “mixing” service in an attempt to hide the source of the funds ultimately passing into his bank account.

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