KW 39: Austrian gin manufacturer uses blockchain to track supply chain, US is number one in blockchain patents, Bitkom on German government’s blockchain strategy


Austrian gin manufacturer uses blockchain to track supply chain: Austrian-based gin distiller The Stin will use ICON, South Korea’s largest public blockchain project, to transparently track its supply chain. For The Stin’s supply chain, Austrian blockchain firm block42 will be fitting 999 bottles of the distiller’s limited-edition gin with crypto-enabled NFC chips. These enable consumers to scan the bottles in order to check their authenticity and track the total number of bottles still available in the limited edition series.

US is number one in blockchain patents: Despite Chinese firm Alibaba filing the most patents so far this year, the United States still takes the lead as the country with the most blockchain patents, a report from intellectual property consultancy KISSPatent said.

Hackers have been trying to crack Bitcoin wallets for two years: According to cybersecurity expert Alon Gal, who goes by the handle UnderTheBreach on Twitter, hackers have been trying to break open a bitcoin wallet holding around $720 million worth of BTC (considering today’s rates). However, Gal reported that no one has posted any success regarding the same.

Bitkom on German government’s blockchain strategy: One year ago, the German government presented its blockchain strategy. The digital association Bitkom now says the government has done a good job: 17 measures are very advanced, 20 are in progress and seven have not yet started. In addition to legal security, there is a particular need for more support from private and state blockchain lighthouse projects.

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The size of the full Bitcoin blockchain exceeded 300 gigabytes of data on September 19th.


Blockchain can help with environmental protection: Blockchain mining is always considered to be harmful to the climate because of its energy intensity, but the technology has great potential elsewhere: The blockchain platform Reduce, for example, calculates the CO2 footprint of a product and determines a corresponding CO2 credit value. The higher price is intended to create an incentive against CO2-intensive products.

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What is particularly attractive about the blockchain for SMEs: Small and medium-sized companies are often hesitant to implement new technologies such as blockchain. However, there are two areas of application that can be particularly attractive for companies: the blockchain promises transparent transactions that cannot be falsified. In addition, the blockchain is a helpful instrument, especially for the logistics sector, to secure and analyze processes.


“Whether cryptocurrencies, digital euros or electronic securities – the financial markets will be heavily influenced by blockchain technology.”
Professor Philipp Sandner, Head of the Frankfurt School Blockchain Center (FSBC) at the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management, on the importance of blockchain for the financial market.


IOTA price falls: The cryptocurrency IOTA, which is geared towards the secure communication of machines in the Internet of Things, continues to lose value. It recently dropped by 7 percent to $0.247. Bitcoin, on the other hand, lost 3 percent. The reason is the unpredictability of the current Covid-19 pandemic as well as the fact that there is still no fixed prospect of a vaccine in the foreseeable future.

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