KW 30: Revised laws for DLT and blockchain trading venues come into effect in Switzerland, Ripple surpasses Bitcoin and Ethereum, Burger King Brazil accepts Dogecoin


Revised laws for DLT and blockchain trading venues come into effect in Switzerland: Optimized federal laws designed to help remove hurdles for the blockchain and fintech scene will come into effect in Switzerland on August 1. The entire effort has been dubbed the „Federal Act to Adapt Federal Law to Developments in Distributed Ledger Technology.“ In professional circles, the regulation is abbreviated to „DLT/Blockchain Act.“ In addition, an adaptation of the insolvency law, with the now clear regulation for the segregation of crypto-based assets in the event of bankruptcy, also goes into effect with the law. Switzerland is one of the leading locations in the areas of distributed ledger technology (DLT) and blockchain.

Ripple surpasses Bitcoin and Ethereum: For a week now, the mood among cryptocurrencies has been changing. Ripple (XRP) is currently particularly strong. The number five by market capitalization is currently leading the recovery wave. In recent weeks, the price of XRP moved sideways. The trading range included a price range of $0.51 to $0.73. These two marks now respectively represent the support on the downside and the resistance on the upside. The rise in XRP is the strongest among the top 5 with a price gain of 46 percent.

Burger King Brazil accepts Dogecoin: Burger King Brazil now accepts Dogecoin as a payment method to purchase the fast-food chain’s Dogpper, a dog snack. The service has been available since Monday, according to the company’s official website, though users should check the availability of delivery in their region, the company said. The fact that large corporations are starting to use cryptocurrencies for advertising purposes can be seen as a good sign for mass adoption. After all, they wouldn’t take the step if they didn’t assume that they could reach a large target group with their PR campaign.

India to use Ethereum blockchain to verify diploma certificates: The government of Maharashtra recently announced a partnership with Indian blockchain startup LegitDoc to implement a credentialing system powered by Ethereum to provide tamper-proof diploma certificates. To counter the rise in document forgery, the Maharashtra State Board of Skill Development (MSBSD) opposes India’s crypto ban narrative of using Ethereum-based public blockchains. In an exclusive statement with Cointelegraph, LegitDoc CEO Neil Martis highlighted that while the certificates are verified using traditional manual methods, MSBSD will start advocating only the digital verification method for all the manual verification requests starting next year.

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According to data collected by Chinese blockchain security firm Slowmist, hackers have captured no less than $1.2 trillion through blockchain hacks since 2012 to date.


Crypto unicorn Amber Group launches NFT creator studio with TR Lab: Crypto-finance unicorn Amber Group has partnered with TR Lab to launch a new initiative to help creators access the booming nonfungible token (NFT) market, further highlighting the rapid uptake of digital collectibles in various industries. The CreatorFi initiative was unveiled Wednesday as a new platform to help NFT creators hit the market faster. This includes receiving infrastructure setup support, including minting, custody and platform penetration testing directly from Amber Group. CreatorFi leverages the expertise of Amber Group and TR Lab to provide users with customizable and end-to-end services for their NFT auctions. „NFTs are revolutionizing the traditional art world,” said Annabelle Huang, a partner at Amber Group. “Artists can now monetize their work every time ownership of the asset changes hands on the blockchain.” TR Lab operates its own NFT platform that allows collectors to discover and bid on digital art.

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Networked devices are vulnerable to cyberattacks: With corporate America beginning to ask employees to come back to their offices in the fall, cybersecurity teams have the huge task of ensuring that the work environment is safe. This is particularly true of IoT devices, as many have been left unprotected for months. In March 2020, IT and cybersecurity teams began setting up workers to operate from home, and few had time to worry about the IoT devices left behind, says Mark Ostrowski, head of engineering for security firm Check Point. A recent report by Zscaler’s ThreatLabz team notes that during the past 18 months, attackers launched unprecedented waves of attacks against IoT devices that office workers essentially abandoned when they started working from home. These devices now have to be secured along with all the devices that workers used at home or bought while away from their office desk.


„Most likely the answer is that Tesla would resume accepting Bitcoin.“
Tesla will most likely restart accepting Bitcoin as payment once it conducts due diligence on the amount of renewable energy used to mine the currency, the founder and boss of the electric carmaker, Elon Musk, has said.


Police tow away e-scooter and become a laughing stock on the web: Police have been mocked on social media for the second time over using a huge recovery truck to tow away an electric scooter. West Mercia Police released a picture of the two-wheeler on the back of a 7.5 ton flatbed lorry after they seized it in Hereford on Friday. It comes after the operations patrol unit of the Worcestershire Police were mocked for posting a similar photo in February. Hereford Police said on Friday they seized the vehicle after the user was spotted riding it on public roads.

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