KW 07: CDU blockchain expert Heilmann doesn’t want to leave stablecoin to companies, JPMorgan to cooperate with startup ConsenSys, Matic and Zawadi to deliver tokenized event tickets


CDU blockchain expert Heilmann doesn’t want to leave stablecoin to companies: According to German politician Thomas Heilmann, digital currency in Europe will be primarily used for financial trading between banks. He believes that cryptocurrencies are problematic for private individuals, because people could digitally storm banks in the event of a crisis, which could act as an accelerant. Heilmann’s party has spoken out in favor of a state-owned cryptocurrency, a so-called stablecoin from the European Central Bank, and has warned that the issue should not be left to private companies like Facebook.

JPMorgan to cooperate with startup ConsenSys: JPMorgan Chase & Co is in talks to merge its marquee blockchain unit Quorum with Brooklyn-based startup ConsenSys, according to “Reuters”. The deal is likely to be formally announced within the next six months, but financial terms are still unclear. JPMorgan built the Quorum blockchain internally using the ethereum network, the software that underpins ether, one of the most well known cryptocurrencies.

Matic and Zawadi to deliver tokenized event tickets: Mobile ticket delivery platform Zawadi has announced a partnership with the US event management and ticketing website Eventbrite. Event organizers using Eventbrite can now deliver tokenized tickets to their attendees through social messaging apps including WhatsApp, Facebook, and Line. Zawadi is a mobile ticket delivery platform that develops tools that enable ticket sellers and event organizers to deliver fraud-proof mobile tickets to their fans via social messaging.,

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There is a lot of money in bitcoins. According to crypto index Coinmarketcap, the total market capitalization exceeded the threshold of 300 billion US dollars on February 12th.


A plea for the digital euro: Philipp Sandner is a professor at the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management and leads the Frankfurt School Blockchain Center (FSBC), which was founded in February 2017. For “Manager Magazin” he wrote a passionate plea for the digital euro. “Europe should not be left behind and push itself towards the introduction of a digital euro – without abolishing the analog euro, that is: cash. The advantages in terms of security, speed and transaction fees are too great. ”

Australia does blockchain: The Australian government recently unveiled plans to ramp up innovation through blockchain technology. The Ministry for Industry, Science, Energy and Resources has formulated a new national strategy aimed at capturing the potential value generated via business-related blockchain activity, with a particular focus on supporting global supply chain management systems and tracking.


“The digitalization of the financial system will come, the only question that remains is who will ultimately have control over it.”
Philipp Sandner and Jonas Groß wrote a plea for the digital euro.


How the blockchain will change TV ads: Stefan Beckmann, Commercial Lead Northern Europe at FreeWheel, predicted in a guest article he wrote for “Horizont” that the blockchain will revolutionize TV advertising. He believes that the hype surrounding blockchain has already passed – but that the advertising industry will still find a use for the technology.

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