KW 27: Blockchain transformation of the Australian stock exchange delayed, No changes in Swiss tax law, There are more lost than traded bitcoins


Blockchain transformation of the Australian stock exchange delayed: The Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) has further delayed its switch to blockchain after public lobbying from key stakeholders. The exchange cited a number of reasons for the change including the current pandemic, accommodating changes requested by stakeholders, and providing a larger window of opportunity for development. As one of the first large stock exchanges to commit to using distributed ledger technology, ASX has been working on the transition to blockchain since December 2017.

No changes in Swiss tax law: The Swiss Federal Council has evaluated the question of whether changes to Switzerland’s tax law are necessary with regard to blockchain and distributed ledger technology. However, the currently applicable legislation has proven itself in this regard, which is why no adjustments need to be made, the federal authority concluded.

There are more lost than traded bitcoins: Chainalisis had wanted to study the Bitcoin blockchain in order to obtain information about usage patterns. But something else stood out: More than 60 percent of bitcoins are in the hands of companies or individuals. These kept their stocks for a long time and never sold more than 25 percent. According to the analysis, another 20 percent are considered “lost”: they have not moved in five or more years. Around 3.7 million of these “lost bitcoins” are undetectable. Around 19 percent or 3.5 million bitcoins are held by traders who move them frequently.

Bitcoin Group SE publishes annual report 2019: Bitcoin Group SE has published its annual report for the past year. Although the company’s sales fell from 11.33 million euros to 6.30 million euros, the significant increase in earnings per share from 31 cents to 43 cents and an operating profit of 3.24 million euros means that the mood in Herford is still good. The continued strong demand for cryptocurrencies is also having a positive impact on the business.

Ghana: Peer-to-peer trading volume for Bitcoin increased by 257 percent
German Federal Network Agency: Results of the hearing on blockchain technology
Great Britain: Study indicates growing relevance of cryptocurrencies
Markets: Binance apparently buys majority stake in Swipe
Giant transaction: Bitcoin transfer puzzles


61 percent of Bitcoin stocks have not moved for a year or more. Experts expect a bull run similar to the record year 2016/2017.


Blockchain cooperation for seafood: IBM, Atea and the Norwegian Seafood Association Sjømatbedriftee have teamed up to increase the food quality and safety of fish and seafood by exchanging supply chains via the blockchain. In this way, the sustainability of the products offered can also be made transparent and traced by the consumer. The Norwegian Seafood Association’s CEO, Robert Eriksson, believes that using blockchain could create a competitive advantage for the entire industry.

60 percent of Germans have never heard of blockchain: According to a survey by the “Digital for All” initiative, six out of ten Germans have never heard of the term blockchain. Around 20 percent of those surveyed stated that they knew the term but could not explain it. The survey was held on the occasion of the first nationwide digital day on June 19, 2020. More than 1,000 people aged 16 and over were interviewed. The aim of the digital day is to sustainably increase the digital participation of the population.


„The fact that established companies such as Nasdaq and Microsoft are now opting for blockchain and offering it to their customers is a signal that the technology has now been adopted by the mainstream.“
Fintech specialist Ben Jessel on NASDAQ plans to provide companies with a platform that could be used to release digital assets based on distributed ledger technology.


Top investor criticizes crypto industry: Jason Calacanis is a top investor because of his lucky hand for „unicorn“ investments. However, he is not a big fan of the crypto industry. He made his displeasure clear on Twitter when he announced that „99 percent of crypto projects are rubbish“ and led by „idiots“. In his opinion, only about 1 percent of all crypto projects could really „change the world.“

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