KW 18: Ebang files IPO for stock market listing, Bitkom warns of Europe’s technological lag, BSDEX is considered a reputable crypto exchange


Ebang files IPO for stock market listing: Ebang International Holdings, one of the leading manufacturers of bitcoin mining equipment, is taking another stab at going public. Ebang is seeking to raise up to $100 million through an initial public offering (IPO) in the US. Ebang said it intends to list its shares on either the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) or Nasdaq Global Market, under the ticker symbol EBON.,

Bitcoin price could drop again: American banking giant Goldman Sachs has made a bleak prediction for the S&P 500 and its one that will impact Bitcoin and the rest of the crypto market. According to the firm, the major US stock index will eventually retest 2400 points around mid-year before a stronger rally back to nearly 3000 points takes place. However, due to Bitcoin‘s continued correlation with the S&P 500, not only could this point to another stock market collapse but another epic crash in the cryptocurrency market.

Bitkom warns of Europe’s technological lag: The digital association Bitkom has warned that Europe could be left behind when it comes to digital currencies. “Digital currencies can become a decisive competitive advantage in a digital and globalized world,” said Bitkom expert Julian Grigo. Europe should take a global leadership role in this area. The Dutch central bank recently proposed a digital central bank currency. The Netherlands could be a suitable place for this project.

Libra changes concept: The Libra Association has unveiled a host of new changes to its proposed stablecoin project. Facebook’s David Marcus confirmed that the Libra stablecoin project will see a host of single-currency stablecoins developed alongside a multi-currency one. Among the changes being enacted, according to Marcus, is replacing the originally planned transition to a permissionless form of governance to a market-driven open and competitive network. The move – along with other changes – constitutes a nod to the regulatory pressure the project has faced since its official inception last summer. A white paper strongly indicates that Libra could come to serve as a platform for central bank digital currencies. Such moves could change the face of Libra over time if central banks move to launch such initiatives.

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Start-up Accelerator BoostVC has raised 40 million US dollars in funding. The money will be used to finance blockchain projects.


Why many Bitcoin analyses are superfluous: No subject has seen more analysis than that of Bitcoin’s changing prices. Especially in times of the coronavirus crisis and ahead of the upcoming halving, reports that provide a price forecast are piling up, with bullish expectations, i.e. rising prices, predominating. Such analyses are often incomplete and merely reflect current market sentiment. So-called falsificationism could help here. The scientific method of the philosopher Popper states that a good scientific theory should be falsifiable or contestable. So it should be possible to set up a counter thesis.

BSDEX is considered a reputable crypto exchange: With BSDEX, the Stuttgart Stock Exchange offers a platform for the trustful and regulated trading of cryptocurrencies and their safekeeping. Peter Großkopf, one of the two managing directors of the technical operating company of “Börse Stuttgart Digital Exchange” (BSDEX), believes that banks and exchanges will have good chances to make progress in the area of cryptocurrency in the next few years, since they already have an edge over startups that don’t yet comply with existing regulations. The Stuttgart stock exchange has an advantage in terms of experience and legal background. Startups often cannot compete with that. Großkopf’s goal is to make Stuttgart Stock Exchange the European market leader for digital systems, which include cryptocurrencies. The stock exchange could be particularly interesting for non-technical investors and institutions, who put a lot of weight in the confidentiality of established stock exchanges.


“I believe the Bitcoin white paper is one of the most groundbreaking pieces of computer science in the past 20-30 years – it’s poetry.”
Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is committed to the cryptocurrency Bitcoin.


Crypto account to fight Venezuela’s inflation: A Colombian startup wants to help Venezuelans and provide them with Bitcoin-backed US dollars. Venezuela is suffering from hyperinflation. The FinTech Valiu therefore wants to start a Bitcoin-based synthetic dollar bank account, which could be particularly interesting for exiled Venezuelans. Instead of Venezuelan bolivar or Colombian pesos, they could then transfer bitcoins or US dollars to Venezuela to support their relatives.

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